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Our Research

Natureceuticals' unwavering dedication to innovation has led to the creation of one of the most cutting-edge pipelines for botanical-based therapeutics in the industry. Our exciting projects, centered around our proprietary Cat Whiskers herbal extract formulation, are at the forefront of a new era in medicine, offering immense hope to patients worldwide. With a focus on expanding indications and exploring innovative formulations for our existing products, our research aims to raise the bar for treatment standards and deliver transformative benefits to those in need. At Natureceuticals, we are committed to driving the future of medicine with our groundbreaking approach to natural remedies.

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Cancer Research

Cancer-related fatigue

For nearly two decades, our team of researchers at NatureCeuticals has been dedicated to cancer research, focusing on natural products. Our primary objective is to enhance cancer treatment efficacy while concurrently improving the quality of life of cancer patients. Recently, we successfully completed a phase 2 clinical study on cancer-related fatigue in patients undergoing chemotherapy, utilizing a Natureceuticals developed product. The results demonstrated significant reduction in fatigue and pain, resulting in a notable enhancement of the patients' quality of life. Currently, we are conducting a large-scale international clinical trial on advanced-stage metastatic breast and colon cancer patients. The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of our herbal drug product in reducing cancer-related fatigue, as well as its capacity to better manage disease progression when combined with standard chemotherapy protocols.

Vision Care

Diabetic Retinopathy

NatureCeuticals has recently completed a phase 1b/2a clinical studies on non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy using one of its products. The randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study showed the product to be effective in reversing the severity of the disease compared to placebo.  Further study on a larger number of subjects is being organized.  This innovative product has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat this serious eye condition, providing patients with a safe and natural alternative to traditional treatments.  NatureCeuticals is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly evolving field of medicine.

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Metabolic Diseases

At Natureceuticals, we are dedicated to developing natural solutions for metabolic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, gout, hypercholesterolemia, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. Our herbal-based products have been developed through years of research and are formulated to provide safe, effective, and natural solutions for these conditions. Our products are backed by laboratory-research and are designed to not only help manage symptoms but also to target the root cause of the disease. 

Respiratory Health and Infectious Diseases

NatureCeuticals has undertaken a pilot clinical investigation on Covid-19, revealing the prospective effectiveness of its product in addressing respiratory health conditions via the targeting of interleukin-6, owing to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. In addition, NatureCeuticals is exploring the potential use of its product for the management of chronic asthma. The company is likewise planning to pursue additional clinical studies concerning malaria and hemorrhagic dengue fever.

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Alzhaimer's Disease and Neuronal Health

Natureceuticals has conducted preclinical research on its Orthosiphon stamineus product formulation for neurodegenerative diseases. The product's active compounds, rosmarinic acid and sinensetin, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce brain oxidative stress and inflammation, key contributors to Alzheimer's disease. The product may also improve motor function and reduce inflammation in Parkinson's disease animal models and has potential immunomodulatory effects for multiple sclerosis. Clinical studies are planned to assess efficacy in these diseases.

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